Epic Beer Pong Table

The Official DoItOrNoBalls.com / Chi Class Beer Pong Table.

Click here to see how this was made. All you questions will be answered.

8 thoughts on “Epic Beer Pong Table

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  2. im getting there pretty close you guys really help me out but i silver things on time where the ball goes. what are those and where did you find them.
    Thanks for all your help

    • Any hardware store, they go around pipes where the pipe comes out of a wall, I forget exactly what they’re called, but that should get you close enough to find them. Ours came from ace hardware.

  3. Nice write up! It’s helped me out a lot, just one question though. How are you powering the fan? I too have a 12V DC 200cfm fan connected to an old phone charger and I can’t get the lift on the ball. It hovers in the elbow, my pvc is 2inch and I dont have a “funnel” from the fan to the tube. How did you do that as well? Thanks a lot

    • The fans are being powered by the computer power supply, the phone charger will not put out enough amps to run the fans, you will need to get a computer power supply, and for the funnels, we made then out of cardboard and ductape

      • Thank you for your response as well as the help. I dont know anything about computers so forgive me if this is a dumb question, but when you say “computer power supply” are you saying the fans are hooked up to a computer? Or that the power supply is a, for lack of a better term, “power box” that the fans are hooked up to? Thanks again

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  5. I was wondering if you could give me a list of materials, measurements, and steps on how you build the table. I want to build one like it.

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