Engine v.2

After 3 races on a pick’n’pull engine that ended in failure, we realized there was only one clear thing to do. Make more power! A set of World Products Windsor Sr heads was acquired via Craigslist. The cam upgraded from our Trickflow Stage 1, to their Stage 4. We also upgraded to a set of forged D.D.S. pistons, then had the block sent off to the machine shop for a proper deck, bore, and hone. This would push our compression ratio up to 10.5:1 from the factory 8.5:1. Lastly we ditched our stock F-150 cast headers to a set of summit shorty headers. We had the engine broken in and the timing tuned at Blacktrax in Fremont. With our new set up, we made 346hp, and 364lbft. Over 100 more horsepower and 64lbft of torque increase. There was no going back to a stock engine after one trip around the block.

Engine v.1 and Engine v.2