Engine v.1

The Ultimate V8 in the Ultimate Driving Machine

351 cubic inches of Ford small block Windsor engine. Coming into all this with a history of building ford engines, we picked the motor before we picked the car. The 90’s Ford trucks and broncos were optioned with the venerable 5.8L motor and even came with a roller cam during the last few years, and the local junkyards are overflowing with these things. We came across a 1995 F150 which is a roller came engine and were lucky enough to grab it on a 50% off day at the local pick n pull.

If you have a few minutes of your life to throw away here is the proof:

Here are some photos of the engine, and the tear down/assembly.  We did a very basic rebuild with a dingle ball hone, and new bearing. For added gains we installed a stage one Trickflow camshaft, will all stock valvetrain.  We also ditched the factory EFI in favor of a holly carb.  During the disassembly we discovered that the engine had something bounce around inside one of the pistons and the head was damaged. We got another head at pick’n’pull and tossed it on straight from the yard.

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