Installing The Engine

We fabricated custom solid motor mounts for the Ford engine. We used our hoist to hold the engine and transmission in the car where we wanted it to live. Everything fit relatively easily except for the oil pan, and the stock BMW brake booster. To resolve both problems we switched to a hydroboost brake booster from a sn95 generation mustang, yet it is powered from the BMW power steering circuit. We re-used the BMW power steering pump that came on the car, and made a custom bracket to hold it on the 351. The oil pan was notched, and extended to clear the frame of the BMW, and retain its 7ish quart capacity. For the driveline we used a stock driveshaft from an sn95 generation mustang, and got the correct yoke for the t-5 transmission. We designed a custom adapter to allow the ford 3×3 bolt pattern on the end of the drive shaft to bolt directly to our medium case BMW differential. This car had a 4.10 limited slip from the factory.

Test fit of engine
Oil Pan modification
Welding the motor mounts
Engine Installed
Driveshaft Adapter
Holley 650