The E34

Once we had our 351w, we needed a car to put it in. In true LeMons fashion we found a $500 1995 BMW E34 on Craigslist. Below are some picture from the original Craigslist posting, and some of the car when we first got it. We were told by the previous owner that it “runs and drives” but as the $500 price tag shows, that was not the case. We bought the car with the intent of driving it home, but less than two miles after later it broke down. The transmission was shot, but that made no difference to us. First day we had it, we swapped the entire engine and trans from another e34 so it would pass smog. Then we parted out the engine, and the interior bits and made more than double our money back.

As pictured from Craigslist
Near perfect interior
First two miles of ownership
Home, and clean.